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Cardio Screens™ is a North American company with offices in Victoria British Columbia, Winnipeg Manitoba and an Associate office in Seattle, WA.

Our mission is to bring together the knowledge and experience of people who have spent many years working in the natural healthcare professions so people are better educated about cardiovascular disease and know what they can do to improve their health.

We believe in PREVENTION and not INTERVENTION!

Our primary product is the Digital Pulse Analyzer device which we sell to natural healthcare practitioners and those interested in offering a cardiovascular screening service in their community so that people can be better informed about their arterial health and take steps to avoid or minimize their risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Guy Sinclaire

Vice President – Marketing and Sales

Guy-SinclaireGuy Sinclaire has been involved in Marketing and Sales for over 30 years.
For the past 13 years Guy has been a consultant to many Chiropractors throughout North America in the area of using visual patient education programs in waiting areas. Originally from Southern Ontario, Guy has lived the natural wellness lifestyle for many years and shares his basic philosophy with everyone that a preventative and natural approach to health through discipline and the right supplementation really does work.

He is passionate about the Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA) and its ability to assess cardiovascular health in a consistent and reliable manner. Guy is a certified DPA Technician and actively screens clients, to promote awareness of cardiovascular disease and improving health.

Guy also provides consultative services to healthcare practitioners and various natural health locations around North America in the use of the DPA screening device as an added value for patients and clients.

Brian Crombleholme


Brian-CrombleholmeBrian was born near London, England and came to Canada through a transfer with Air Canada in the 1960’s. University educated in business and corporate law, Brian has lived in Calgary and Toronto. In 1988, he was named by Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, as a “Mover and Shaker” in the Travel Industry for his innovation in creating and networking a large chain of 300 North American travel companies with affiliates in the UK, Europe and Hong Kong.

Brian began working in the digital multi-media business in 1993 to help healthcare practitioners visually market themselves to patients in the waiting areas of their offices. In 1995 Brian started his own multi-media company in Toronto and consulted primarily with Optometrists, Chiropractors, Dentists and Veterinarians to show them a better way to educate patients and clients using digital visual media and specialized software to play on large TV’s in their waiting areas.

From this experience and attending numerous seminars around Canada, the US and Great Britain, Brian became completely immersed in health and wellness using natural methods and so he created Cardio Screens™ to advance and share the belief that the human body is an amazing organism, but you have to take care of it through knowledge, and as we age the use of natural supplements. From our first breaths we start to damage our cardiovascular system from pollution in our air, the food we eat and lack of exercise. Today people dying from heart attacks are much younger and so there is an enormous need for our population to identify the state of their arteries. This is best done through our digital pulse wave screening device which helps manage our cardiovascular health.

Although Brian manages the day-to-day operations of the company, he is a certified Technician and screens clients in his community to promote awareness of cardiovascular disease and ways to improve their health.