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The Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA) is a great tool for anyone in the healthcare business who is passionate about helping others reduce cardiovascular disease through awareness, education, early detection and prevention.


The DPA device provides a real time functional assessment of:

Arterial Compliance using digital pulse analysis and Autonomic Nervous System Assessment using heart rate variability.

Watch this 6 minute video demonstration of the Digital Pulse Analyzer conducted by a Naturopathic Doctor.

The DPA is pain free and user friendly digital screening technology which is simple and effective. The DPA measures a pulse wave form produced by the beating heart and displays on a small monitor. The data captured during a test is analyzed and reported in just minutes to provide a clear and concise evaluation of arterial health.

The DPA device has numerous patents around the world and is approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

The cost to add a cardiovascular screening service to your business using our DPA device is very reasonable and easy to do.

We offer a lease to own program which means your small monthly investment can become a profit center for you in a matter of weeks. Your DPA screening fees and cardio supplement sales generate well in excess of the monthly lease cost.

In most US States, the screening fees are billable.

Your purchase includes training tools and support, marketing ideas and Doctor Certification for a small fee upon the successful completion of 4 tests.